Responsible Gaming Policy at 1win Ghana

One of the most important things for every user of the 1win Ghana website is to gamble correctly. The company fully supports the Responsible Gaming Policy. According to it, you will find various features on the website that will help you to gamble carefully. Unfortunately, gambling sometimes can lead to addiction with negative consequences. That is why for prevention you should follow special tips.

Signs of the Gambling Addiction

Here you will find a list of signs that point to addiction. If you start to mention that your friends or relatives, or you have them, then it is a sign to stop and get help. Here are they:

  • You do not feel comfortable speaking about the addiction;
  • You feel aggressive or sad if you do not place a bet during the day;
  • You start to spend savings on gambling or betting;
  • You use loans to play casino games online;
  • You start losing interest in hobbies that you had before;
  • You start to hide the fact that you were gambling, when someone asks;
  • You do not leave the website unless you cover all the losses;
  • You constantly increase the amount of stake;
  • You feel depressed during the day without a certain reason.

How to Prevent Gambling Addiction?

There are certain ways to prevent the addiction. If you use the next list of tips, then it will be much easier for you to control the process. Here are they:

  • Use money limits on the website to avoid additional losses;
  • Do not forget about time limits for gambling websites;
  • Never try to cover all the losses with winnings in one day;
  • Play using only spare money from your budget;
  • Remember that no strategy will bring you a 100% win in the casino;
  • Do not use loans or borrowed money for gambling and betting;
  • Avoid casino games and bets while drunk or under the effect of drugs;
  • Always remember that gambling and betting are only ways of entertainment.

As you can see, these are pretty simple rules. But, unfortunately, many people forget about them, and that is why you can see gamblers and bettors with addiction.

Support for People with Addiction

If you mentioned that you have some signs of addiction, then you should immediately stop gambling online. On the 1win Ghana website, there is a feature of self-exclusion. To use it, contact the Support Service with the request to delete your account. After that, you should get help from professionals, and you can get help from special international organizations. Here are some of them: